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Tips for Calling from Your iPhone

Tips for Calling from Your iPhone
Phones aren’t just for calling anymore, but your iPhone makes calling as easy as ever. These tips will help you make the most of your phone and its capabilities.

iPhone Features for Calling

Smartphones are so much more than tools for calling, and sometimes the options can be overwhelming. The following tips can help you easily make calls from your iPhone.

  • If you want to use traditional dialing for making a call, use the virtual touch keyboard. Tap the Keyboard option and type in the number you want to reach. Tap Call. Use the back arrow with the “x” to delete.
  • To make a call from your Contacts list, just scroll through your Contacts list and tap the name of the person you want to call. Tap the specific number you want to call (i.e. home or mobile).
    • If you need to add a contact number, just go to Contacts and tap on the + icon, enter the name and number(s), and tap Done.
  • If someone calls your iPhone and you want to add that name and number to your Contacts list, just tap Recents and then the “i” within the circle next to that number. Tap Create New Contact, enter the name of your contact, and tap Done.
  • Add contacts who you call frequently to your Favorites list – just tap the contact and you’ll be connected ASAP.
  • Using voice control with Siri is easy for hands-free calling. Just press and hold the Home button and say “call” and the name of the person on your Contacts list or “dial” and the phone number.

Your iPhone can play music, movies, and more, but sometimes you just need it for a good old fashioned phone call. These tips make calling on your iPhone as easy as dialing 1-2-3.

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