Mac Compatible Poker Sites

Since the beginning of the online poker boom in the early 2000s, users of Apple computers have been searching for Mac compatible poker sites that have dedicated software for OS X. We are happy to report that many online poker rooms have finally released downloadable poker software for Mac, and the best rooms are listed below.


Best Mac Poker Sites

Below you will find the best poker sites for Mac, as ranked by our discriminating team of online poker players who all play on Apple machines. All of the sites below are 100% Mac compatible, and all of them offer fantastic welcome bonuses. As only a few online poker rooms accept players from the United States or Canada, please ensure that you see your country’s flag before clicking on the poker room’s review, or the “Play Now” button.

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Download Poker Software for Mac OS X

Downloading free poker software on to a Mac OS X is quick and easy, and all of our reviews have step by step instructions on how to properly download and install new poker rooms to your Apple, (or PC). All of the poker software reviewed on is top-notch and has been developed and designed with the end user in mind, (unless otherwise indicated in their review). Most of the online poker rooms that we recommend have been in business for over 10 years, so they have had the time to perfect their poker software. Each of our poker room reviews clearly states which sites should be considered as 100% Mac compatible, and which should not.

The Best Poker Bonuses for Mac

Here at we have all of the biggest and best bonuses available on the internet. We have meticulously examined the terms and conditions of each online poker room to find the best bonuses, with the simplest or easiest rollover requirements. The “best online poker bonus” for Mac is totally a subjective, and personal decision. Some online poker players think that the best poker bonus is just the biggest one that is available. However, players must remember that as a rule, the larger the poker bonus, the higher the rollover will be and therefore it will take longer to clear. If you are a regular player and rake lots of hands, you should have no problem clearing most poker bonuses and getting the funds deposited into your account for use. If you are a casual poker player that does not plan to play online every day, perhaps a smaller bonus that is easier to clear would be better for you.

Poker Probability Calculators for Mac

There are many options available when it comes to poker probability calculators for Mac computers. For those that don’t know, a poker probability calculator is something that does just that – it calculates your pot odds on a given poker hand, taking into account the other cards that are visible on the table. The main issue with them is that many rookie poker players become dependent on them and end up needing one as a crutch forever. Please keep in mind that you are not allowed to bring a poker probability calculator to the table at the World Series of Poker, or any other land based poker events, so it is best to learn the game without one. Therefore, we at recommend that you never even look at a poker calculator – it could be the beginning of the end for your poker career.