Slots for Mac

Finding a Macintosh compatible online casino that has a wide selection of slots games that look beautiful on an Apple machine is surprisingly hard to do. It actually takes a lot of research to find the best slots for Mac, and after trying every single reputable casino on theinternet, we are happy to strongly recommend the online casinos below. We also include each casino’s welcome bonus, and direct links to their exclusive offers for readers.

Best Online Casinos with Slots for Mac

Many online casinos do not offer great slots games for Macs that were built to take advantage of Apple’s powerful Intel Core processors, Fusion Drive, Retina Display, and lightning fast graphics. We therefore have compiled a full list of the online casinos that offer the best slots for Mac and you can read our exclusive reviews, or head straight over to their site and check them out. 


Best Slots Games for Mac

Here is a small list of some of the best slots games for Mac available online today, and a brief description of each one. We are always on the lookout for new slots games that look beautiful on a Mac OS X, so check back here frequently to see which slots are making waves in the Apple community.

Lord of the Rings Slots

Lord of the Rings Slots is a great game for those who want to travel through snowy mountains, mystical forests, and fight to get their hands on their “Precious”. This game has a progressive jackpot, free spins feature, has all of your favorite characters, and even has numerous bonus rounds that will unlock video clips from the movie. Whether you are an elf, Hobbit, or dwarf, you will definitely love this breathtaking movie displayed over spinning slots reels and in-game features.  

Ironman 2 Slots 

Ironman 2 Slots is the latest Marvel-branded casino game to be released on the back of a popular movie franchise, as Robert Downey Jr.’s fantastic portrayal of eccentric millionaire Tony Starks won over even the most skeptical critics. Just like Tony Starks, Ironman 2 Slots was a huge underdog because most slots connoisseurs thought that the original version could not be topped, but they were dead wrong. The second installment gives players all the action they can handle with free spins, numerous wild symbols, extra characters from the movie, and a shot at hitting the “Marvel Mystery Jackpot.”

Spiderman Slots

With great power comes great responsibility, and the folks at Marvel slots took this mantra very seriously with Spiderman Slots. The amount of animation in this slot game is absolutely mind-blowing, and the graphics are some of the best that we’ve ever seen. Whether it’s Peter Parker honing his new radioactive spider skills, or the actual Spiderman swinging between buildings and taxicabs, the action flows without pause, and win multipliers seem to be shot around like turbo-charged webs. This slot is definitely only for those who like non-stop action and storylines, as this game doesn’t pause for a nanosecond.