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We get contacted all the time by people who want to know which online casino is the best, who has the best bonus, and everything in between. This page contains all of the most popular questions that we receive, and a detailed response to each. Our team has spent years in the online gambling industry and it is our pleasure to share our knowledge with our readers.


Are Online Casinos Legal?

Yes – online casinos are legal throughout the world except in very exceptional circumstances. Chances are if you have reached this website you live in a country that is free and democratic and you are able to play in an online casino. Everyone in the United Kingdom and Europe can access and play at any casino that has been licensed by the country that they are playing from. However some countries have laws or legislation that regulate online casinos, and may even issue specific licenses. Here is some useful information on the specific countries that we have received the most questions about.

Are online casinos legal in the USA?

Yes – online casinos in the USA are 100% legal due to the World Trade Organization’s ruling in favor of Antigua VS. the United States in a WTO court a few years ago. The WTO ruled that the U.S. must allow its citizens to access online casinos due to the “equal competition” clause in their charter. However, some states are attempting to block their residents from accessing online casinos, with the most aggressive states being Kentucky, Washington, New York and Delaware. Recently the states of Nevada and New Jersey have legalized online gambling but have only issued licenses to certain land-based casinos. The funny thing about individual states trying to regulate online gambling is that federal law trumps state law, and as we already mentioned, in accordance with international law the United States must allow online gambling. Furthermore, in 2011 the United States Department of Justice ruled that all forms of online casino gambling are legal on a federal level.

Are online casinos legal in Canada?

Yes – online casinos in Canada are legal and accessible by all Canadians from St. John’s to Victoria. Currently individual provinces have the sole right to offer games of chance in land-based casinos, however due to the World Trade Organization decision in the case of Antigua VS. the United States it must allow online gambling if it wishes to remain in the WTO. Two provinces, Quebec and British Columbia, have launched their own online casinos, but both of their products have been riddled with problems and security issues so it is best to stick to professional internet casinos that have been in business for years.

Are online casinos legal in Australia?

Yes – online casinos are legal in Australia and everyone on the island continent is free to gamble over the internet as they please. Although there is something called the Interactive Gambling Act that the Australian government uses to threaten the actual online casinos themselves, it is 100% legal for a citizen of Australia to play in an internet casino.


Are Online Casinos Rigged?

No – online casinos are not rigged, and any casino that is reviewed on is fully licensed and regulated by the appropriate jurisdiction. Also, each casino is tested and certified by a 3rd party agency to ensure that their software is free from bugs and the payout percentages are what they should be. Before 2001 there were many rigged casinos menacing the internet, however over time governments stepped in and required them to be licensed and regulated so 99.9% of them are now legit.

What are the odds of winning at an online casino?

The odds of winning at an online casino, for the most part, are exactly the same as the odds of winning at a land-based casino. All of the table games such as blackjack and roulette will have the exact same payout percentages as those found in brick and mortar casinos around the world. We said, “for the most part”, because there are unique slots games found only online that may have different payout percentages than those in a normal casino. However, the odds for those games will all be clearly stated in the FAQ section of each casino, and they will all have been tested and regulated by their respective governing jurisdictions.

How do online casinos cheat?

The vast majority of online casinos do not cheat their players and their games and payout percentages are correct. However one could argue that some online casinos cheat players by not offering the best bonuses or customer service – there are certain ones that don’t seem to care about their customers at all. You can read all about a casino’s bonuses and customer service on each one of our review pages.

Which online casino pays out the most?

No single online casino can claim that they pay out the most winnings compared to their competitors because every casino must go through an intensive auditing process to ensure that their games are fair and pays out what they should. Therefore 1,000 hands of blackjack at Bet365 will payout the same amount of winnings as 1,000 hands of blackjack at InterCasino. There is simply no such thing as a casino that has the best payouts.

How do online casinos generate random numbers?

Each individual online casino usually has their own casino software that has a random number generator built into it. This number generator is then audited regularly by the governing body that issued the casino its license, as well as 3rd party companies who do a full review of the software. In addition to their own software many online casinos will also use the software of outside companies such as Amaya or Playtech, which will always be publicly traded companies who must comply with all of the laws and regulations in each country that their software is available in. Therefore all slot spins and hands are dealt completely at random.

How can I see the payout percentages of games at an online casino?

Each online casino must clearly display the payout percentages of their games somewhere on their website. Sometimes it can take a little digging, but you will eventually be able to find them. If you cannot find an online casino’s payout percentages for a specific game you are probably playing at a rogue casino and you should leave immediately.

How many decks do online casinos use?

The number of decks used at an online casino will vary, and will also depend on the game. For example, most casinos will offer both 2 deck blackjack as well as 4 deck blackjack. Regardless of the casino or game, the number of decks will be clearly stated in the rules of each game and you will be able to see all of the information before you play.


Which Online Casino Is the Best?

It is impossible for anyone to say which online casino is best, so beware of those that claim to know this information. The best casino is always going to be the best casino for YOU and no one else. It depends on which country you live in, what games you like to play, how important bonuses are to you, and if you want the ability to place sports wagers at the casino. We give you all of the information that you will need to make a decision on each casino’s review page, so take your time and take advantage of our experiences and research.

Which online casino is the best for U.S. players?

The best online casino for U.S. players is up for debate, however we here at believe that Lucky Red Casino is one of the best because they accept players from every state and have a great reputation in the gambling industry. However there are other casinos that some may argue are better due to their bonuses, games selection, or customer service. This is why we have detailed review pages on each online casino and allow our readers to make up their minds for themselves.


How Do I Deposit at an Online Casino?

The deposit methods at each online casino will vary greatly depending on which countries they operate in because there are different financial regulations across the world. The majority of casinos in the U.K. and Europe have the same deposit methods, but the online casinos in the United States, Canada, and Asia will have unique methods that are only available to residents of that particular country. Every review page on clearly lists the deposit methods that are currently accepted by each casino so you will know ahead of time if you can deposit with your preferred card.


Which online casinos accept credit cards?

Every casino on the internet will accept credit cards of some form because they are quick and easy for the player, and the funds are available immediately for use. Visa cards have the highest rate of acceptance, followed by MasterCard, however American Express cards do not usually work at online casinos.


Which online casinos accept PayPal?

This question is asked a lot because everyone loves shopping on eBay and therefore has a PayPal account. For many years online casinos ignored this easy deposit method in favor of other eWallets such as MoneyBookers, NETELLER and Click2Pay. However due to popular demand most casinos in Europe will now accept PayPal deposits, and if you would like to be 100% certain that they do just skip down to the deposit methods section on our review pages.

Which online casinos accept Players Rewards Card?

A Players Rewards Card is a prepaid card that cannot be reloaded and is available by invitation only. This card is used primarily by players residing in the United States who do not have a credit card that they can use. We suggest that U.S. players stick to online casinos that accept Visa cards, and as you can probably imagine, every USA online casino that is reviewed on accepts Visa. 

How do online casinos pay you?

Online casinos usually have a rule that they will pay out your winnings to the same method that you used to deposit. So for example if you deposited with an eWallet such as Skrill, they will pay your funds back out to that card and you can withdraw them to your bank account from there. Online casinos in the United States and Canada will usually pay out players via check by mail or courier, and it will arrive directly in your mailbox. You can then simply deposit the check in your bank as you normally would.

Which Online Casino Has the Best Bonus?

Just like the question of “best online casino”, determining which online casino has the best bonus is a very subjective thing. First of all, we are speaking in generalities because there are a number of different bonuses out there such as welcome bonuses, reload bonuses, free spins, comp points and deposit method bonuses. Also, every online casino will have different wagering requirements and terms and conditions for each bonus – these terms can change quite frequently. Therefore, we recommend that you first find a casino that you like, and then look at their bonus plan. However since we are in the business of answering questions, in our humble opinion has the best bonus for USA players, Bodog has the best bonus for Canadian players, and InterCasino has the best bonus for U.K. and European players. You can read the details of each casino’s bonus on their respective review pages, and then click on the Play Now button to sign up for a free account with them if you choose.


What is a welcome bonus?

A welcome bonus is the bonus that an online casino gives you once you’ve first signed up with them and made your first real money deposit. Some welcome bonuses may actually be available on multiple deposits within a certain time frame after you sign up, so always be sure to check the terms and conditions of the bonus when joining. To maximize the boost to your bankroll you may need to keep an eye on the calendar to ensure that you don’t miss a term like a 30 day expiration on your welcome bonus or whatnot.

What is a reload bonus?

A reload bonus is a bonus that an online casino gives you on the deposits that you make after your first real money deposit and/or your welcome offer has expired. Most casinos will offer two separate bonuses – one for table games and one for slot machines. If they offer the choice of the two you will have the ability to select which bonus you would like to receive each time you deposit, so you will always be able to play the games you like. Some online casinos like Gr88 have regular weekly reload bonuses if you deposit on certain days of the week.

What is rollover?

Rollover is the amount of money that you must wager before you can withdraw an online casino bonus, sometimes referred to as a “wagering requirement”. Usually rollover will be the amount of your deposit plus the amount of the bonus, multiplied a number. For example, if the rollover is 20x, that means that if you deposit $100 and receive a $100 bonus for a total of $200, you must make wagers totaling $4,000, ($200 x 20 = $4,000). Although rollover numbers can look large when you do the math, you have to remember that all casino games payout a large percentage of wagers in winnings, so rollover requirements are usually quite easy to achieve. The one exception to this rule is no deposit bonuses because casinos must protect themselves from fraud, so the rollover will usually be quite high on their free casino bonus money.

The Most Trustworthy Online Casinos That Are 100% Safe:

Below you will find our list of the most trustworthy online casinos that was compiled after hours upon hours of research and game play. Everyone who contributes to are online gamblers first and writers second, so you know that we value honesty and integrity above all. Our reviewers live all over the world so we truly have a global outlook on the gambling industry, and we therefore clearly identify where people should play based on their geographic locations. If you have any feedback whatsoever on the casinos below, please do not hesitate to contact us.