Live Dealer Casinos for Mac

The hot new trend with online casinos is to offer a live dealer version of their most popular table games such as blackjack or Sic Bo, with a human dealer standing in front of a camera dealing each hand. The images are sent to players via a live streaming video link, but wagers are still placed online. The live dealers usually tend to be very attractive and most casinos have the ability for players to ask questions directly to the dealer, which they will answer in real time between shuffles.  

Best Online Casinos with Live Dealers

Below we have listed the best online casinos offering live dealer games, and also include what their current sign up bonus is. All of the casinos listed have a fully compatible live dealer casino for Mac, and offer players an exhilarating brick and mortar casino experience in the comfort of their own home. The number of games offered differs by casino so for all of the details be sure to click on the “Read Review” button by the casino that you would like to read about.


Live Dealer Casino Games

Although there is not an abundance of different live dealer games presently available at online casinos, there is still a healthy list of games on offer. The dealers will always have at least two televisions behind them with news channels on so players know that the action is truly live. This style of gameplay originated in Asia where many players distrust casinos in any form, and are very superstitious when playing their favorite games. As this is an evolving technology, finding live dealer games for Mac can be a little hard to do at the moment, however, we have identified a select few in the list above that we feel offer Mac users a solid product and a great gaming experience.